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Help & legend

Section of help to the users of the Aztek forums:
I. Principle of a forum
II. Index of the forums
III. Fleas of the forums and topics
IV. The icons of the menu
V. Mail a message
VI. Other functions
VII. The ranks of the members

   I. Principle of a forum

A Forum, that what is? It is a space of free discussion between internauts as space web. Every person lets a message that he will have written previously, and the other members of the same forum do the same, and so forth. The forums are divided in topics, and every topic is even he divided in posts, who, represent the answers of the other internauts.

   II. Index of the forums

The index of the Forums represents the list of all present Forums on the site. The index displays the name, the description, the number of visitors, posts and answers of every, Present forum. You have the possibility otherwise to read the message of the last intervening party of every forum while clicking on the small arrow who follows the name of the member. The indexes can be divided in several different categories. Every category also carries a name, what facilitates the navigation to the very heart of the forums. For enter on a forum, you simply have only to click on his title.

   III. Fleas of the forums and topics

As you already noticed probably it, all posts is not preceded of the same flea. That that one call flea, these are these pictures, or files, that are present just on the left of every post. Here is the description of each of the 5 fleas of the Forums:

Not of new answers since your last passage on the Forum
had one or several new answers since your last passage
Of numerous answers has been mailed, but you already read them
Of numerous answers has been mailed since your last passage
Post-It: Announcements that remain always in top of the forum
Post-It including new messages since your last visit
Post Including a poll
Post Including a poll with new messages since your last visit

   IV. The icons of the menu

Here is a complete list of the present icons in the rod of menu (Warning!!! Some are only accessible for the connected members):

   Reloads the first page, to be warned of the new messages that have just been mailed

   Permits to make some research on the Forums and to recover some posts on precise topics

   Lists connected people, and complementary information on the forums

   V. to Mail a message

To mail a new post, click merely on "New topic" in top of the forum. Warning, some forums require to be registered to be able to mail. Follow the procedure:

1. choose a title for your post
2. write your post
3. validate your post

Nothing simpler!
Now interest ourselves to some supplementary functionalities of the forums:

- Formatting of the texts

He is possible with this forum to format the body of your posts. Let's take some examples:

To write in quote, that is to say while including a part of a post preceding, you must hit this:
[quote]your Texte[/quote]

You can have the beacons appeared [quote] and [/quote] merely while clicking over, on the left of your new message. Then, all functions in the same way: [bold] and [/bold], [underlined] and [/underlined], [green] and [/green], [red] and [/red]...

- to Insert some pictures

You can as well sensible to add some pictures in your Posts. You must make thus:

The picture must already be on Internet and of course to have an address (his url).

- Insert some Smileyses

For add a smiley to your post, you only have to click over. A small code will be displayed automatically in the post that you are writing. For example, if you want to add a smiley, you only have to click over. Then, his code will be displayed in the message (Ex: #A7). You can mark the code of the smiley easily thanks to the coordinates (TO, B, C,... 1, 2, 3) in the picture. But simplest remains to click over directly again.

   VI. Other functions

The forum has numerous other options, among these:

    This topic has been locked by an administrator, it is impossible to continue the discussion

    Options of the profile: Signature, avatar, messenger Yahoo, ICQ, AIM or MSN, his/her/its site web...

   VII. The ranks of the members

The rank of the members is calculated in relation to the number of written posts by this member.
L'étalonnage is achieved like follows:

- from 0 posts: Aztekois sans papier
- from 28 posts: Aztekois affranchi
- from 111 posts: Aztekois postulant
- from 250 posts: Aztekois Citoyen
- from 444 posts: Aztekois Militant
- from 694 posts: Aztekois Conseiller
- from 1000 posts: Grand Gourou Aztekois

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