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Nabaztag Remote Control

A Nabaztag is an electronic rabbit, connected to the internet. It can move his hears, blinks with a lot of lights, can talk, give you the weather, wake you up, ... well, it is a crazy funny thing to have at home.

It is constantly connected to the internet.

On, you have a list of services. You just need to click on those you need, and your E-Rabbit will become an important character of the family.

There are a lot of services that I would like to get that are not available for the moment on this web site. So I have decided to create my own program to do so.

The first idea was to have a program, on my Windows Mobile PDA, to send some cool messages at home such as "sorry I will be late tonight, but if you are ok we go to the restaurant at 8". Giving this information via a “blinking-ears rotating-Electronic rabbit” is extremely efficient.

Here is a screenshot of my Nabaztag Remote Control:

With this version you can:

         Send audio messages from your PDA or from you computer,

         Send messages from command-line (automated with whatever application, could be used with MOM if you want !)

         SOON, will be able to inform you every time you have a meeting (it will check Exchange), and more interesting, will inform at home when you are having your coffee what will be the planning of the day.

Version 1.3 is already available. It requires Microsoft .net 2.0 framework (on your PDA and PC).


Feel free to contact me if you have questions or suggestions.


Have fun !






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