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Part of the Microsoft MVP community, I try to help and support customers in my area of expertise : ISA and security.

QSS is one of the hundreds of products created by this great community to make sure that customers - all customers- can be secured, even if they don't have a huge budget.

The QSS pricing model is based on this approach.

QSS, Free version

The free version of QSS is exactly the same as the one you will get if you buy the product. Only the activation key will be different.

Online, you can get a free activation key. This free key is only limited in terms of simultaneous connections. Beyond 3 connections, you will be able to buy the product and so make sure that you will cover the needs of your company.

You have to know that the FREE version of QSS will be updated only every 3 months. Only customers who bought QSS will get updates and enhancements. This is one of the reason why I advise you to buy QSS, and the reason why QSS is cheap.

Simultaneous connection

The QSS price is based on the notion of simultaneous connection to make sure that the product is affordable. It means that you can install the QSS Security Client on each machine of your company. As soon as your ISA Server reached the maximum of connection, the QSS Approval Server will pause and alert the administrators will get some alerts. You will then be able to adjust your license key.

QSS Price list

The QSS price is based on 2 components :

    the number of ISA Servers that will act as VPN-Q gateway. You need one QSS license per server.

     the number of simultaneous connections you need.

Each server license will provide you 20 simultaneous connections. If you have 2 VPN gateways, you need to buy 2 servers licenses and so will get a total of 40 simultaneous connections for your company.

The server license costs 1000 Euros.

If you need more than 20 connections, you need to buy extra client licenses. Here is an example of the price list :

connections Server Client Total
20 1000 0 1000
25 1000 60 1060
50 1000 360 1360
100 1000 960 1960
150 1000 1560 2560
200 1000 2160 3160
250 1000 2760 3760

The annual maintenance and support agreement is based on the total purchase price. The cost is 15 %.


Feel free to contact me for volume licences.

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