With this page you will be able to see Quarantine Security Suite (QSS) in action.

QSS is simple, fast, and efficient.

I will use video screenshots to demonstrate what QSS components look like but also how fast it is.


Quarantine security suite in Action

The scenario is exactly what you experience in your company :

A Corporate VPN Server
Two roaming users working for this corporation.

One of the users is English, the other one is Spanish. During these demos, you will see what happens when connection is accepted and when it is rejected.
You will also see the client part of QSS (the QSS Security client) in English and Spanish, but also the server side of QSS (the Approval Server). All the videos were taken on a desktop machine, 1.2Mhz, 512 RAM ...

running 2 Microsoft Virtual PCs : 1 windows 2003 with ISA Server 2004 and the QSS Approval Server, 1 with Windows XP SP1 running the QSS Security Client. Videos were made with Microsoft Media Encoder. As you will see, it is very fast even if all these programs are on the same machine.

Demo 1 : a roaming user, refused (then approved) with English XP 'cause no antivirus loaded

During this demo, I tried to simulate what happen for a roaming user. I first run the QSS Security Client in memory (usually QSS-AS is loaded automatically when user logs on). Then I connect the company by VPN. A few seconds after the VPN connection, QSS Security Clients appears on the user's screen and the process starts.

The user's configuration is not compliant with the current security policy. The corporate antivirus program is not loaded. I load the antivirus in memory (a fake antivirus program for the demo) and I re-attempt an approval request. Then I am approved and unquarantined.

  Click here for demo 1 (4,5 M MB)


Demo 2 : a roaming user accepted with XP in French

In this demo we simulate that the user's windows language is French. All the languages are available. During this demo we manually select the French language, but in production the QSS Security Client automatically adapts the GUI to match user's mother tongue.

  Click here for demo 2 (3 MB)


Demo 3 : A to Z approval process. QSS client and server together.

In this demo you will be able to see on the same screen, the client side of QSS (the QSS Security Client) and the server side (QSS approval server). The roaming user (located in Asia for example) is connecting the VPN gateway in New York. The VPN connection will work but the approval request will fail because the corporate antivirus program is not loaded. For this demo, I will manually load a 'fake' antivirus program, and re-attempt an approval request. Then the approval request will succeed and the connection will be unquarantined.

Turn your speaker on, I have added audio comments !!

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