QSS is based on 3 components :
The QSS Security Client is a GUI installed on the user's workstation. It's role is to analyse the workstation and interact with the user.
The QSS Approval Server is installed on the ISA Server. IT's role is to receive the remote machine's configuration and compare it with the scurrent security policy. If compatible, it unquarantine the session.
The QSS Management Console is used by IT to update and deploy the security policy.

Discover Quarantine Security Suite

Using Videos, you will see 'QSS in action' : remote user's perspective (fast, multilingual, auto remote update process, ...) and corporation's security server infrastructure.

See how fast the inspection is, and how it takes place. In this section you will also be able to download and print documentations such as the step-by-step design and installation procedure, QSS presentation brochures, etc .

Here is the list of the great updates introduced by QSS V3.x :

Centralized "server-side" security policy : the "approval" phase takes place on ISA, not on the workstation itself.

Multilingual, skinable : let's put the user in the security policy !

Compatible with ISA 2004 and 2006 SBS, Standard, Enterprise and Appliances.

FREE for small companies (maximum 3 simultaneous connections).

No scripting at all. Security policy updated via a 'policy Wizard'.

100 % based on .net .

New enhancements to put the remote user in the 'center' of the security process.

If  you want to discover QSS, check these links :

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   An A to Z connection, client and server part  (audio video) : Click here  

   User perspective, multilingual QSS client (video) :Click here

  QSS Configuration console (video)  :Click here




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