You can now implement QSS on your infrastructure.

QSS 3.0





Step 3 : Download QSS FREE/limited edition

During steps 1 and 2, you worked with me or your partner to define your VPN-Q architecture.

You can download the QSS 3.0. This version is FREE but limited to 5 simultaneous connections. If you need more connections, you can buy a license. Contact me for more information.

  •   Download QSS 3.0
  • Support

    You have several options to get technical assistance :

    •   Check the FAQ
      We will spend a lot of time to make this FAQ very interesging. It is based on our experience and all the feedback we receive from customers.

    •   Consult the Forum
      This Forum is shared by all the customers, QSS dev team, and potential new customers.

    •   Send an E-mail
      When you become a QSS customer, you receive a support email and a client number.

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