Quarantine scenarios.

Check this page to discover how ISA 2004, QSS and Quarantine technologies can protect your private network. You will get details about 4 scenarios :

Single VPN gateway

Multi VPN  gateways

ISP (shared by X companies)

Qurarantine on LAN

VPN and quarantine market trends.

See what vendors think about this threat.

Discover Microsoft NAP :

With Windows Server "Vista", Microsoft will provide Network Access Protection (NAP), an enterprise vision of Quarantine. SOON, I will provide more details about this product.

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Do you have a Nabaztag ?

If so, download the free Nabaztag Remote Control. It already works on Windows platforms including Windows Mobile 5. Soon it will work with MOM and Exchange, ... click here

FREE users : download the new AS.

I have noticed that some of the customers are still using an old version of QSS. For security reasons, I always hardcode the EXE to expire after a certain period. If you get any warning in the event log, or if the service stops, please install the latest one from this link : click here. Just replace the AS Service with the one attached in this ZIP file and restart the it.

Discover, download, Evaluate and implement QSS.

Protecting your company against VPN attacks is just a matter of minutes. Follow this procedure :

Step 1 : discover and download QSS : This zip file contains a copy of the CD. You will find the product itself and a detailed documentation. Please go through the registration process : this will be for you the opportunity to discover QSS, see some screenshots and videos. This will be also for me an opportunity to register you and then keep you informed about QSS enhancements. You can also read my Online trainings page to get more details about how to install QSS and how to keep your company secured.

Step 2 : get you free activation key : as an ISA MVP, I want to see most of customer protected. This is the reason why this version of QSS is fully functional. The only limitation with this free activation key is that you will be limited in term of simultaneous connections (3). You can of course buy the product and get the exact amount of connection you need for your business (see step 4)

Step 3 : get support and advices : no matter of you use the free product or not, I will make my best to answer all your questions. Feel free to contact me at frederic@esnouf.net, or check the QSS forum .

Step 4 : buy QSS : if you need more than 3 connections, but also need a better support, you can buy the product. First of all you can check the price list online (click here). Second, locate one of the QSS resellers all over the world (Locate a reseller). All resellers have strong skills on ISA itself, but also on VPN infrastructures.


  Announcing QSS V4

I am currently working on QSS 4.0. Here is a quick overview of the enhancements you will get with this new version :

QSS Security Client :

         New design, more intuitive, ready for the arrival of Windows Vista.

         Support of all languages, including graphical languages.


English GUI

An English user will get this screen.

         Faster : A to Z process takes less than 5 seconds.

QSS Approval Server and management console :

         Better support of wide infrastructures.

         Current version already working on ISA 2006.

         QSS management pack for Microsoft MOM Monitoring and reporting.


  Powerpoint Time Keeper : you never run out of time during a presentation.

  TCP/IP Load Sim : This program will send a lot of TCP session to a server or a bunch of server. Nice tool when you need to prove that NLB is working fine.






QSS Awards

Here is a list of awards that QSS received from the IT community.

Communities :

Web sites :

Events :

IT Forum 2005, Barcelona.

Microsoft Security Days, Paris.

Books :

Vendors :

Network Engines



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